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Organic Cotton Cardboard Applicator Tampons

100% certified organic cotton core: Rose applicator tampons are comfortable, highly absorbent, hypoallergenic to reduce irritation and allergy, and made with certified organic cotton core.

Simple. Natural. Pure - that’s the touch of Rose.

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$7.90 USD

Simple. Natural. Pure.

● 100% certified organic cotton core
● BPA free compact cardboard applicator - We care about your body - 100% biodegradable, viscose/rayon free, no chlorine or dioxin used, no perfume, simply pure. Period
● Made for modern women - Cardboard applicator with a rounded smooth tip for comfortable and soft insertion. Perfectly fits your body with total comfort and with leak protection technology to give you full protection and a stress-free day.

● Perfect fit, safe use - contains a unique security veil covering the absorbent core to prevent fibers from sticking inside the body during removal to prevent fiber shedding during removal
● Easy application - Ultra-slim BPA free cardboard applicator with rounded tip for easy and secure insertion
• FDA 510 (K) cleared